Live and Frozen Bloodworms

LLC Biogrant extracts Bloodworm since 2001. We are the biggest supplier of Bloodworm in Europe. 

Our Bloodworm are really high quality. 
Ukraine has a unique type of Bloodworm.
There are more than 3000 types of Bloodworms in the world, but only 3 types can live in hyper salinity Lakes. 
Our type of Bloodworm is Chironomus Salinarius, Kiefer 1921. Our Bloodworms live in the Lake with high level of salinity. 
That is why our Bloodworms can be alive for 3-4 weeks. Our Bloodworm have an excellent nutritional value and high level of protein protein. 

Nutrition facts: 
- Energy 1764,81 kj
- Carbohydrates 28,63 %
- Ashes 18,80 %
- Protein 46,53 % 
- Fatty acids 4,25%

Our company produce high quality freshly Frozen Bloodworm completely without water for profitable prices.

Our aim provides You quality products for profitable prices

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